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Recommended Brands

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The brands mentioned below are simply what my bunnies have been raised on. If you're looking to switch brands, please do your research.

  • Purina Complete Rabbit Feed

    • Alfalfa pellets for the first 4 to 5 months.

    • Afterwards start feeding them Timothy Hay pellets. I buy Science Selective.

    • Adult rabbits should eat around 1/4 cup of pellets per day for every 4 to 5 pounds of weight.

  • Alfalfa hay for the first 4 to 5 months. Afterwards, introduce Timothy hay, Oak meadow grass, Orchard grass, etc. We prefer Oxbow brand.

    • Their diet should consist of 70% to 80% high quality hay.

    • They should ALWAYS have access to hay.

    • Include some in their litter. Bunnies like to handle their business and eat hay at the same time.

  • For a healthy coat & snack: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and oats.

    • We sprinkle some black oil sunflower seeds on top of the bunnies food (great for their coats) and some oats as well (helps to keep their skin tight).

    • It is pertinent you do NOT buy quick-minute oats.

  • 10% veggies and 5% fruit **ONLY AFTER 3 MONTHS OLD**

    • I will give each of my adult rabbits 1 leaf of romaine lettuce hearts with a handful of cilantro and parsley one night and the next night, will give them about 1 TBS of a banana (that's their favorite treat).

    • Please double check online if the vegetables or fruits are healthy for the bunnies.

  • For bedding, Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding, or pine pellets bedding (for less mess). We like the Pelletized Bedding from Tractor Supply.

You should feed your bunnies at the same time every day. Evening time is best as bunnies are nocturnal. They will be really excited about dinner time and likely follow you around as you are gathering their food, so watch your step.

Make sure they ALWAYS have water. We keep a ceramic bowl AND a water dispenser in their hutches since each bunny has their own preference.

For fun, we buy our bunnies salt licks, hay mats, hay toys,, untreated wood toys, hay hideaways, and other little hide-outs to keep them entertained. They are curious, social creatures and can get bored easily, so you want to make sure you not only give them a lot of attention, but have safe toys for them to play with.

See the brands of hay, food pellets, treats, and litter pellets that we use below:

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